Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Week - Aug 24 to Sep 03

Yes !!! Believe or not !!! I changed a lot this week .... Now my mind is clear and cool .. !!!
'Thiruverkadu Karumari Amman-ukku Nanri' !!.

What happened suddenly why he is blabering suddenly ??? Wait .. I will tell the story ..

Aug 26 - Evening Ramesh was talknig with our Boss 'Mama' and finally he agreed to Production support for two months. He was convinced by Mama and threatened I guess. When I came to know this I got angry shouted infront of Priya 'Ramesh I know who has suggested ur name for Production support, i will tell u later' I was pointing 'Ravi' only. I was sure that he didnt suggest either me or Ramesh ... Even though I showed my anger on him only ... Yes I behaved silly .. Priya was watching all and listening everything .... Absolutely my intension was to blame Ravi infront of Priya. Shame on me.

Aug 27 - Ravi I came to all these - I donno whether Priya told all these or Ramesh shouted at Ravi or Ravi was hearing when I shouted. He didnt talk anything with me or Ramesh... He refused when called him for Coffee. I came to know everything. He is not talking because he knows everything. En manasatchi Ennai Arithathu. Believe or not I could nt be normal in room in the evening. I called Ravi he dint pick the call. I tried twice. And sent a msg 'Call me'. He called after 1/2an hr later. I was talking with him
'Why didnt u come for Coffee?'
'No. I felt headache. So went for coffee before u guys go.'
'Ravi I will be here for 3 or 4 months only. I started searching. Waiting for my hike papers. Now a days i dont have any personal relation with anyone. All my colleques thats it'
'I also feel the same'

Aug 28 - Me and Ravi went to buy induction stove at Purasaivakkam. Then went to Ravi's home and Ravi came to my room. I couldnt believe that I went with Ravi for shopping. Yes I cant be without him.

Aug 29 - I went to Thiruverkadu. I prayed before going to Mumbai I will come back once I am back from Mumbai. So I went to temple. Really my mind became very calm and cool. I am talking with everyone normally now.

Sep 2 - Ravi said he is going to put down his papers. I dont have words to say. He started searching job because of me only I know. Because me and Ramesh didnt talk much when with him when we accused him for Priya's unacceptable activities.

Sep 3 - We all are close friends again. Me, Ramesh and Ravi. I got my hike papers. Yes 25%. No one has got. Also the GEM award.

I cannot show my face to Ravi. Because my name was referred by Ravi for the award.

Ravi - Really you are the GEM. GEM of GEM.

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