Saturday, July 24, 2010

The week - 19 Jul 2010 to 23 Jul 2010

Oops !!!! Wht to say? It is really horrible when thinking to write blog and u dont get anything in your mind.

This week monday to wednesday passed normally without any serious problems in office. But the enhancement which i did to remove 280 table had some problem got resolved with the help of raviraj. Thanx friend. Atleat i get a chance to thank u eventhough u ruined me and ramesh well in other 'important' matter :-)

And wednesday my client DB came from mumbai to see their backofficw people. The worst fellow praveen came with one crew called rajesh kala or kola. When he introduced himself noone could nt understand his name funny.

Then asusual politics between clients and my stupid boss. Clients wanted to meet all leads individually which my fcuking boss did not want.

Everyone went inide our conf room smaller than my mansion's bath room one by one and spoke. The people who went after me said 'yogi they have noted all ur points for half of the page. Wht did u tell?' grrrrr...

Dont know wht happend after that. Then we went to dc manor and had dinner. No invite mail was sent but they told at nite 8:30. They wanted even girls to come..

Bcoz of client visit i forgot take my bike back given for service in the morning. Then me shoba n priya went by auto n reached hotel.

I dint talk to ravi anything since priya wanted to go home with him. I dont know why i behave silly.

Thursday mama my boss told me why u left in between when the party was happening. I thought of kick him in ass. 'Stupid whn i left the time was 10:30. Wht shud i do with the idiot clients when they full drunk. It is ur business to lick ur clients shoes. Not mine'. I thought of telling all these but didnt i only smiled and nodded :-)

The final day friday the judgement day came. Wht to tell. Mama told in the conf 'all people should work from 9:30 to 8:30'. Fcuk wht u want and he literally blackmailed everyone 'dont talk to client directly or u would be thrown out'. When leaving he extended the threatening to me alone 'finish all blah blah... U dont know java learn and do. I dont know wht u do'. Fcuk man.

'God hep me from these idiots if u r thr'. :-)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My first english blog

There is one proverb in tamil says "Aadina kaalum paadina vaayum summa irukkathu". Means the dancer and singer cannot sit simply or idle.

As my blog title says my english may not be good as good as urs. So u should bare me for the gramatical errors or anything which u think that not good english.

One more thing why i started blogging in english suddenly?? Because i am using new mobile that doesnt support tamil and i could not type in tamil.

So readers congratulate and bless me for becoming a good blobger in english too.